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STRATA Skin Sciences’ TheraClear®X Acne Therapy System Found to be Safe and Effective for Acne Lesions Across All Fitzpatrick Skin Types with Favorable Tolerability and Patient Satisfaction as Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

STRATA Skin Sciences’ TheraClear®X Acne Therapy System Found to be Safe and Effective for Acne Lesions Across All Fitzpatrick Skin Types with Favorable Tolerability and Patient Satisfaction as Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

June 7, 2024 at 8:15 AM EDT
Study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology showed TheraClear®X Photopneumatic Acne therapy is a viable treatment option for patients with acne, especially for whom other acne treatments are ineffective or are poorly tolerated

HORSHAM, Pa., June 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc. (“STRATA” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SSKN), a medical technology company dedicated to developing, commercializing, and marketing innovative products for the treatment of dermatologic conditions, today announces the publication of a clinical study titled, " A 7-Week Open-Label Trial Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of TheraClear®X for Mitigating Mild-to-Moderate Acne in Healthy Adolescents and Young Adults," in the June 2024 issue of the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD). The study was conducted by Dr. Glynis Ablon, a board-certified dermatologist and Associate Clinical Professor UCLA, with 28 years of experience in medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Ablon runs the Ablon Skin Institute & Research Center and has published over 60 medical articles and has written three books. In the study, the TheraClear®X Acne Therapy System was found to be a safe and effective treatment for mild to moderate acne while providing a high degree of patient satisfaction.

“This study continues to enhance our growing portfolio of published articles demonstrating the viability and benefits of our product offering. This latest study in JCAD is important validation for our TheraClear®X system, and we look forward to sharing it with practitioners and potential customers,” said Dr. Dolev Rafaeli, STRATA’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Ablon noted, “I am thrilled with the clinical study results for TheraClearX Acne System. The data clearly demonstrates TheraClear®X’s efficacy and safety, providing a significant improvement for Acne patients. Noninvasive devices are always needed in the acne armamentarium!”

STRATA’s TheraClear®X is a photopneumatic device that is FDA-cleared as a noninvasive, in-office treatment for mild-to-moderate acne, including comedonal, pustular, and inflammatory acne vulgaris. TheraClear®X combines gentle vacuum with pulsed broadband light to treat acne. The vacuum pulls dermal structures toward the skin surface and withdraws the contents of the follicles. Broadband light activates porphyrins to destroy Cutibacterium acnes and reduce sebum production. The vacuum is released when the process is completed. The treatment is administered through a handheld delivery system that is liquid-cooled for patient comfort and has no patient downtime. Treatment requires no pre-medication or anesthesia.

This study sought to evaluate the efficacy and safety of six weekly TheraClear®X treatment sessions as a stand-alone therapy. The results of the study are summarized below:

  • Significant reduction in acne lesion counts at each visit compared to the baseline.
  • ≥1 grade reduction in Investigator’s Global Assessment (IGA) for two-thirds (20/30) of participants by Day 49.
  • Visible improvements as early as after 3 treatments.
  • Consistent enhancements in patient Acne Quality of Life and satisfaction scores across all time points.
  • Well-tolerated treatments with no treatment-related adverse events.
  • High treatments satisfaction with 80% of participants reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment.
  • High willingness to recommend with 87% of patients likely to recommend TheraClear®X Acne treatment to a friend.

The study concluded that photopneumatic monotherapy effectively reduces acne lesions across all Fitzpatrick skin types with favorable tolerability and participant satisfaction. Customizable settings allow tailored treatment for mild-to-moderate acne. TheraClearX photopneumatic therapy is a viable option especially for who other acne treatment options are ineffective or poorly tolerated.

The full study can be accessed on the following link:

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STRATA Skin Sciences is a medical technology company dedicated to developing, commercializing and marketing innovative products for the in-office treatment of various dermatologic conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and acne. Its products include the XTRAC® excimer laser, VTRAC® lamp systems, and the TheraClear®X Acne Therapy System. STRATA is proud to offer these exciting technologies in the U.S. through its unique Partnership Program. STRATA’s popular partnership approach includes a fee per treatment cost structure versus an equipment purchase, installation and use of the device, on-site training for practice personnel, service and maintenance of the equipment, dedicated account and customer service associates, and co-op advertising support to help raise awareness and promote the program within the practice.

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